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Non-CommentFics are sorted first by Status (Complete, Haitus, Work in Progress, and Incomplete/Discontinued) then by Fandom. Within each fandom fics are alphabetized by title. Fics with more than one fandom will be grouped into the crossover section of each Status.

NOTE!!!  Currently working on only one work at a time.  The Muse only recently recovered and we are taking it easy.  Which means basically everything is on haitus!  Still, I hope to get some WIP's completed.  Slowly.  -4/23/17

Shorthand Key: AtS = Angel the Series, BtVS = Buffy the Vampire Slayer, WoT = Wheel of Time

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Bite Sized Bits of Fic

Henceforth all Commentfills Will be Posted to the Ao3 Account, as listing them all here would get insane.




Original Prompt

All the Cool Kids Do It… Rise of the Guardians, Thor Rise of the Guardians/Avengers movieverse, Jack + Loki, Loki found what he was much earlier and ran away to Midgardr, where he found a brand-new baby spirit Drugging by way of snowballs?
Bad Habits Are Hard to Break Supernatural, Good Omens Good Omens/Supernatural, Aziraphale+/Crowley, can't stop saving the world None.
Discordant Thor, Xena/Hercules Avengers movieverse/Xena: Warrior Princess, Loki + author’s choice, Loki’s fall ends in ancient Greece Loki is a pantheon straddling miss priss.
Godless Highlander, Thor Highlander, Methos, I don’t worship things that are younger than me. Stabbity, light gore.
Revolution Highlander, Thor. Avengers movieverse/Highlander, Methos + Loki vs Asgard, Ragnarök Deathfic.
That time Methos Lost a Bet to a Traveling Giant of a Builder Highlander, Norse Mythology Highlander/Avengers movieverse/Norse mythology, Methos + Sleipnir, where is the horse and the rider? None
The Ultimate Reality Highlander, Avengers Highlander, Methos (+ author’s choice), Methos does not care about collateral damage or innocents. There are simply two categories: that which belongs to Methos, and that which doesn’t. None.
Untitled Highlander, MCU Highlander, Methos, they called him the Sword of Justice Offscreen Mook Deaths

Marvel Cinematic Universe



Original Prompt

Honor or Duty Post-Avengers, Dark. author's choice, any king / leader, Sometimes, you have to choose who dies. Deathfic.
Sleeper Agents AU Any, Any, What if the Bad Guys won? Fridge Horror.
Doctor Donald Blake AU. Avengers movieverse, Thor + team, they have to explain that what's 'wrong' with Loki is that he's not actually Asgardian - so everything he and Thor both know is incorrect Deathfic.




Original Prompt

Oathbreakers AU, Comes a Horseman any, any, smoking gun None.
Out of Caves AU, future fic. Highlander, Methos, addicted to surviving. Deathfic






Alternate Locations
Glorious Purr Avengers Kinkmeme fill where crazy!Loki has cat ears and a tail, and Fury takes full advantage of that fact. None. FF.net
Hulk Hugs Avengers Kinkmeme fill in which the day is saved by Hulk hugging Loki. None. FF.net
Skin Deep Avengers Sanity is only skin deep. The events of Avengers were just the birthing pains of blue-orange morality Lady Loki. Adult Themes. Insanity. FF.net
Worth One Thousand Avengers Minifill wherein de-aged Clint attempts to run away to a circus with de-aged Loki in tow. Fluff. None.
All the Marbles BtVS It started with Jesse, and just went down hill from there. Dark AU through Season 2. Character Death Twisting the Hellmouth
Rose Red BtVS Darth!Willow takes over and Faith has to put a stop to her. Character Death. None.
Revenge Death Note Once Light was dead, there was no penalty for killing the people after him. Character Death None.
Bittersweet Dresden Files Lea succeeds in turning Harry into one of her hounds; it isn't the victory she thought it would be. Personality Death Ao3
This is a Ten, The Tab's Thirteen Dresden Files Kinkmeme Response. Raised-by-Little-Folk Harry wheels and deals in true tiny people fashion. The Power of Pizza compels you! None. Ao3
Father of Dragons Dresden Files Snip in which Harry raises some baby dragons. Kinkmeme prompt. None. Kinkmeme
First Signs of Madness, Parts 1&2 Dresden Files Kinkmeme Response. Harry and some frenemies are trapped with the enemy closing in. Under pressure, Harry starts talking to himself, a cycle Thomas is unfortunately familiar with. It's going to be so much harder protecting his brother if everyone knows those rumors of crazy are actually true. None. Ao3
Dumbledore's Judgement Harry Potter Dumbledore's Afterlife is not a great adventure. Warped christian overtones. Religiosity None.
Power to Rule the World Highlander Richie asks Duncan what the 'power' in the phrase 'take their head, take their power' means. The answer is more complicated than he expected. None. None.
Sleepytime Marvel Universe Kinkmeme fill in which Thor experiences his first ThorSleep. And Loki has a LokiSleep. None. FF.net
Time and Relative Dimensions Marvel Universe Jane is a reincarnation/piece of Loki's soul, and after the Avenger's kill Loki she remembers that. Loki(Jane)/Doom. Genderswap, Death~ish. None.
What to Expect When Loki is Expecting, By Doctor V. Doom Marvel Universe Loki gives birth during battle, then gets right back up and continues to fight. Loki/Doom. Semi-Graphic Birth None.
A Bijuu's Tale Naruto Various shorts centered on particular Bijuu. None. None.
Dream to be Hokage Naruto Poem about Naruto wanting to be Hokage. Dark~ish None.
Dreams of Demons Naruto Sequel to 'Hinata's Little Black Book'. The rebuilding of Konoha. Violence, abuse, porny things. None.
Hinata's Little Black Book Naruto Collection of interconnected shorts in which Hinata is insane and starts a revolution for love. Naru/Hina. Violence, Obsession, Death. None.
Orders Naruto Area 44 lives up to it's name. Dosu/Hinata Character Death None.
Blood and Family Supernatural Odin misses his brother after Hammer of the Gods, and so brings him back. None. None.
Do Not Go Softly Supernatural AU for 3.7 vampire girl. None. None.
Denouement Thor Odin asks Loki what will make him stop fucking up the realms. Loki tells him. ANGST. None. None.
Doppler Effect, The Thor Post banishment Thor isn't Thor. He's a replacement, and Loki is the only one that seems to care. It is enough to drive a brother insane. Porn. Mentions of Torture. AO3
Fragile Balance Thor Sif POV contemplating her sham of a wedding day as her husband dotes on the great love of his life: his insane little brother. Incest. Insanity. Trauma. None.
Loki Complex, A Thor Follow up to The Doppler Effect where Thor give Loki some sexy therapy. Porn. AO3
Modus Operandi Thor Kinkmeme fill wherein Evil!Heimdall has been a double agent all along.. None. None.
Of One Mind Thor After the events of Thor Loki is sentenced to a traditional Jotnar punishment, it does not go anywhere near as planned. Character Death. Torture. Gore. None.
Untitled Deathfic Thor Loki dies on the trip to Jotunheim. Character Death. None.
Untitled Round Robin Thor Kinkmeme fill. During his captivity after Avengers Crazy!Loki writes lists. Implied Trauma. Self-Hate. None.
We're All Mad Here Thor Loki's punishment drives him insane, but he's quite happy with it. Loki/Sigyn. Past Torture/Abuse FF.net
When You Look Into The Abyss Thor MiniFill. Loki makes friends with Eldritch Horrors and his mind breaks. Fun with font. None? None.

Complete Crossovers

A Day at the Fair Anita Blake, AtS It's Illyria vs. a big snake. Anita doesn't know whether she should laugh, cry, or start shooting things. Gore. None.
A Few Dozen Good Soldiers Dark Angel, Supernatural John Winchester discovers some disturbing news about clones, and decides to do something about it. None. None.
All's Fair Firefly, BtVS Five Hundred years into the future, Spike is still the Big Bad with a heart of gold. And no chips in his brain. Spike/River. Spike is evil, but good, sorta. None.
Almighty Extradition Laws, The Almighty Johnsons, Thor BAMF!Lawyer Colin brings Thor's attempts to take Loki back to Asgard to a screeching halt. None. None.
Avengerian Knot Dresden Files, Thor The Avengers are hit by a curse no one seems to know how to fix, except for Steve, who believes in the power of Old School phone books. None. None.
Bait and Switch Supernatural, Thor Loki and Gabriel are best friends, kill Lucifer, and then go on a drunken escapades. Onesided Tony/Loki. None. FF.net
Bouncing Around Psych, Supernatural Cas finds God, who is Shawn Spencer. Craaaack. None. None.
Bounty Hunting is Code for Baby Sitting Anita Blake, Dresden Files Kinkmeme fill in which Edward and Kincaid are the same person, and the Archive thinks Anita is rude. Genderswap. Pomme De Sang
Cas Takes Down the Hulk Supernatural, Thor Exactly what is says on the tin. Sleepyfingers are involved. None. None.
Catch a Falling Star & Put it in Your Pocket Baccano! Thor Loki falls from the Bifrost and is adopted by Isaac and Miria. None. FF.net
Checks and Balances Dogma, Supernatural After the events of Dogma Loki is put on probation in the SPN universe, where he repays the Winchesters for their assistance in the only way he can. Everybody lives! None. None.
Daddy's Home Stargate, Supernatural Odin does die after confronting Lucifer. He gets thrown into the Stargate universe. None. None.
Dead & Dangerous Supernatural, Thor Kinkmeme minimill. Ghost!John appears in the Aesir throne room to tell Odin to leave Loki!Dean alone, because that is his boy, thank you very much. None. Ao3
Distant Relations Excel Saga, Naruto Challenge response to 'Naruto couldn't decide whether to be wary or happy at the sight of the blonde haired woman across from him.' I decided the blonde woman is Excel Excel. None. None.
Do Over Dark Angel, Supernatural Instead of going to hell when his deal came due, the Angel's re-routed his soul into a newborn. Ten years later Bobby finds a feral kid taking on a forest troll. None. None.
Draft, The BtVs, Diablo II YAHF. Willow wants YOU to join her Army of the Dead. None. None.
Dubious Consent Supernatural, Thor Post-Avengers Loki becomes Gabriel's vessel. Semi-Death. FF.net
For Want of a Wall, a Prince was Lost Marvel Universe When Loki turns himself into a horse to distract the builder, he forgets how to change back. Thor blames himself. Dub-con, Miscarriage, Unusual birth, Underage, Bestiality. Personality Death. None.
Gauntlet, The Supernatural, World Mythologies Gabriel's death pisses off the world wide trickster contingent, who declare war on Lucifer. None. None.
Grey-Eyed Athena Anita Blake, AtS Illyria has a baby named Death. None. None.
Guilt Free Pleasures Anita Blake, Dresden Files Sequel to Once in a Fool... Blue... There are MOONS. Dresden Dresdens and JC's insurance premiums go up. Non-Con. Violence. None.
Hitchhiking Highlander, Thor Loki crashes into the Earth and promptly meets Richie Ryan, who offers him a ride. None. None.
Homecoming Supernatural, Thor. Loki is Micheal's grace given form, which really isn't a recommended thing, and Dean is Micheal. They reunite post-Avengers. None. None.
House: New Addiction House, Maple Story House isn't addicted to Vicodin, but 2D sidescrolling MMORPG's. None. None.
Last Bonus, The Almighty Johnsons, Thor Minifill where Axl swaps places with Marvel!Odin, and only Loki knows something is off but he isn't telling. None. None.
Lord, I was Born a Rambling Man Thor Fill wherein Odin casts a spell that allows Magic to teach Loki a life-changing lesson, and unexpectedly teaches Loki that he is most fulfilled when bringing mayhem and destruction. Angst None.
Matchmaker Blues AtS, Supernatural God decides to play matchmaker with his children. Part of Bouncing Around Cas/Illyria. None. FF.net
Mapleholics Anonymous House, Maplestory What if MapleStory, a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, existed in the Narutoverse? No one would have expected the repercussions… None. None.
Mommy Issues Almighty Johnsons, Marvel Universe Mythically Speaking, Sif is Ullr's mother. Mike does not find this the least bit amusing. The Sif that appears is Marvel!Sif. None. None.
Mostly Harmless Being Human(UK), Stargate A gao'uld comes to earth intent on conquest, and is promptly eaten by the local wildlife Nudity. None.
Of Gates and Gods Thor, Stargate Loki falls into the Stargate Universe, claims a planet of Loki worshippers as his own, makes a treaty with the Goa'uld and builds himself an Empire. Loki/Ba'al. Implied Orgies FF.net
Once in a Fool… Blue… THERE ARE MOONS Anita Blake, Dresden Files Harry, Kincaid, and Ivy are trapped in the ABVH world in their corollaries bodies. This means Harry is stuck in a woman's body, and ignores his boyfriend troubles by completely ignoring his boyfriends and their drama. None. None.
One Shot of Doom Card Captor Sakura, Harry Potter, Ranma, WoT One of my first fanfics. Random short in which a bunch of main character go a darker side of gray and take over the world. OOCness. None.
Partnership, A BtVS, Stargate Buffybott lands in the Stargate Universe and gets a new charge. Mini!Jack has someone to buy beer for him. None. None.
Provincial Pride AtS, Stargate The MALP discovers a dead Prior. Illyria is a jealous god. None. None.
Ren-Faire of the Damned Anita Blake, Dresden Files Sequel to Guilt Free Pleasures. Richard gets Tickets. Harry gets an Idea. Jean-Claude gets his inner Diva on. In other words, the triumvirate goes to a Renaissance Festival. None. Copious Amounts of Fluff. None.
Road Goes Ever On, The Discworld, LotR, MLP:FIM, Thor, Star Wars. Loki travels the universe and by the time he (accidentally) makes it back to Asgard no one recognizes him and Odin declares Loki is blood brother. Loki/Tom Bombadil. None. None.
Roar a Giant Roar Anita Blake, BtVS While throwing around the 'W' word, Giant!Dawn 'goes away'. The bigger problem is she left her clothes behind. Nudity. None.
Same Stock, The Good Omens, Supernatural SPN!Crowley and Good Omens!Crowley are one and the same. He didn't want purgatory for the power. None. None.
Suddenly, BIRD! Norse Mythology, Thor At the end of Thor a big-ass bird flies out of the collapsing wormhole and catches Loki. This bird is Loki. As in Odin's estranged shape-shifting blood brother Loki. He makes his feelings about Odin's A+ parenting skills known. Nudity. None.
Sword and Shield Highlander, Marvel Universe Bucky is an Immortal. Steve is over-protective and says screw the game I have a shield. In America. Originally kinkmeme fill, link lost. None. None.
To Thy Ownself Be True Baccano!, Thor Isaac and Miria are two halves of one whole, spreading much needed mischief throughout the world. They are Loki reincarnated. None. FF.net
Unforseen Expense BtVS, Twilight When Bella becomes a vampire her traits are magnified. This includes clumsiness. Dawn carried stakes of petrified wood. Dead-Death None.
Unwanted Physical Contact Good Omens, Thor Crowley is Loki, but doesn't know it, and Aziraphale would like the blonde pagan to let go of his demon, right now thank you very much. None. None.
WoT Has Fallen in a Ditch Ranma, WoT Originally intended as part of a series, now stands alone. Rand is actually a girl named Ruby who is also the reincarnation of Ranma Saotome. Genderbending None
When You Look Into the Abyss Lovecraftian Horrors, Thor The Void is populated by Lovcraftian Horrors with whom Loki makes friends with. After Avengers they come looking for their little buddy. Otherness Porn. Insanity. Sort-of Death. None.
Winchester Marines Dark Angel, Supernatural. For Winchesters, Insanity is in the blood, and 493, Ben to his family, finds his niche. None. Audiobook


Rex, Regina Dresden Files Kinkmeme fill in which Sue doesn't disintegrate but rampages through the NeverNever. Shameless wish fulfillment. None. None.
Sunrise, Sunset Naruto Snapshots from the world of 'Hinata's Little Black Book' and 'Dreams of Demons.' Varying Levels of porn. None.
Kingdom of Heaven, The Septerra Core A Collection of ficlets for the PC game Septerra Core. None. None.
A Little Busy Here Supernatural Anna never fell, and the Garrison is a little annoyed at being told how to do their jobs. None. None.
Comicbook Heroes MCU, MU (Thor) Co-authored with Nemi. Post-Thor 1 Loki finds himself accidentally rescued from the Void by 616 Odin, and attempts to integrate into what his crazed mind assumes is a sort of future Asgard. Insanity. Angst. Gore. Racism. OriginalPrompt LJ
Checklist, The Marvel Universe Kinkmeme fill in which Loki applies the Evil Overlord list to his daily life. Humor. Loki/Sigyn. None. None.

Hiatus Crossovers

Devil on my Shoulder Dresden Files, Supernatural Crowley becomes a father-figure to young Harry. None. None.
Horribly Familiar BtVS, Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog YAHF. Xander finds an iron-on hammer decal, Buffy finds some goggles, and Willow is Willow. None. None.
Meeting in the Middle BtVS, Supernatural A series of short one shots -with pictures!- crossing over the Buffy and Supernatural universes. None. None.
Miracles, Magic, & Immortals Baccano! Thor Collection of shorts in which Loki interacts with the Immortals of the Baccano! universe. Includes Catch a Falling Star, Put it in Your Pocket and To Thy Ownself Be True as well as a few others. None. None.
Of Death & Discord Highlander, Thor Loki (Kid!Loki) meets Methos. They travel around together. None. FF.net
Off the Grid Dark Angel, Supernatural Sequel to A Few Dozen Good Soldiers. John's got an army of genetically engineered super soldiers. Now what? None. None.
Tales of Loki Olafson, The Almighty Johnsons, Thor Series of dribbles written for the kinkmeme where Loki lands next to Axl when the 'Odin' gains his power, and is adopted by Olaf. None. Ao3
Trade of Kings Supernatural, Thor Manhattan was just an audition. Loki becomes the Horseperson of War. None. FF.net
Trickster Thor, Worm Loki becomes a Shard. Aisha has a voice in her head. He is surprisingly helpful. Racism. None.
Where No Dresden Has Gone Before Dresden Files, Stargate In which Harry becomes the first Wizard in Space, a Fae Lord, a god, accidentally takes over a planet, and is in desperate need of a babble-fish. Harry/Kendra. None. None.
You Will Be Assimilated (Resistance is Futile) Supernatural, Thor SPN!Odin adopts Marvel!Loki. And Gungnir is a rocket launcher. None. LJ, FF.net

Works in Progress
Mazel Tov Avengers While in the Hulk Cage, Loki and Hulk get it on. Porn that mutated into Plot. Porn. None.
Dresdens and Dragons Dresden Files Harry finds himself the focus of unwanted draconic attentions. And learns more about Dragon physiology and reproduction than he ever wanted. Non-Con, Porn, MPreg. LJ
Mr. Smith Must Have Had Days Like This Dresden Files Due to a death curse, several Harry's from alternate universes find themselves dealing with one another. And a possible apocalypse. Genderbending None.
Grand Theft Vessel Supernatural Dean just killed the Whore, and things look bleak, so he goes to the bottle. It just so happens that drunk-Dean is a certified genius. Voluntary Angel CondomHood None.
Had I The Heavens Thor Thor came for the Tesseract, leaving Loki to fend for himself Post Avengers. Loki decides Midgard is boring and GTFOs. Loki/Jane. None. None.
Loki and Theodora's Excellent Adventure Thor In an Alternate Universe Loki and Thor and both princesses, and neither wants to be Queen. Cue epic quest of rebellion. Genderbending. Ao3
Thicker Than Water, Thinner Than Tar Thor AU Where the Loki and Heimdall confrontation on the Bridge ended with Loki taking a critical hit, and Frigga suspecting that the W4 are part of a much larger conspiracy. BAMF!Frigga ruling Asgard. Angst. None.
To Reap & Sow Thor Loki was perfectly fine doing translations for a living on Midgard. Then Thor showed up, and Loki is certain his brother is out to kill him. Paranoia. Angst. None.
Straight On Till Morning Thor Loki and Lady!Loki adopt Kid!Loki. Loki can come too. Mentions of Abuse. Angst. None.

Work In Progress Crossovers
A Big Mistake BtVS, Harry Potter Giant!Dawn meets her own White Knight in the Potter 'Verse. Nudity. None.
Cheap Trick Anita Blake, BtVS YAHF. Buffy was saving for shoes. Willow didn't want to stick out too much. Xander refused to spend more than two dollars. Ethan's happened to have a sale on fake vampire teeth… Gayness. Biness. Sexiness. None.
Correspondence Between Two Gorgeous Fellows Mythology, Thor Sequel to Suddenly, BIRD! Loki and Fandral exchange letters detailing Loki's time with Uncle Loki. Nudity None.
Echoes and Airwaves Supernatural, Thor Clairstiel escapes Purgatory only to absorb the Tesseract and fall in with who may-or-may not be her brother Gabriel: MCU's Trickster Loki. Timetravel and Madness in copious amounts. None. FF.net
Detour On the Road of Unlife Anita Blake, BtVS A witch tries to send the triumvirate to hell. They only made it to the mouth. But they got shrunk, so that's a hell all in itself, right? None. None.
Early One Morning Anita Blake, BtVS Drusilla is the Mother of All. Oz and Xander are part of her Triumvirate. None. None.
Finders Keepers Thor, Iron Man Kinkmeme Fill. After Falling, Loki gets unmade and falls to Earth where his alien butt is claimed by Tony. None. None.
Forgotten Gods Highlander, Stargate Most of the Old Immortals, at one time or another, had been considered gods. None. None.
For SCIENCE! A Wizard Did It Assassin's Creed, Skyrim Vidic has a Masters in Jerkwad, Lucy is rightfully concerned, and Desmond learns magic in his sleep. A daedra gotta do what a daedra gotta do. Crack Fic None.
Happy Accidents Good Omens, Supernatural Though he didn't intend to do so, Aziraphale manages to save the world. Again. None. None.
Ink Blots BtVS, Watchmen YAHF. Willow goes as Rorschach. This causes… issues. Violence. TTH
In Times of Trouble Star Trek, Supernatural, Thor Three Lying Gods meet and make merry havoc. Gabriel/Loki with Q Bromance. None. None.
Kleptomania Thor, Multiple. Loki is a serial child adopter. Not that he'll ever admit to liking the brats. Mentions of child abandonment/abuse. None.
Loki Identity, The Almighty Johnsons, MCU The mortal incarnation of Loki God of Fire -Colin Gunderson- finds himself stuck in the body of one incarcerated Loki God of Mischief. He likes to make the best of situations. None. None.
Master: The Very Best Pokémon, Worm Alternate Power, Alternate Universe. Eden lives, Scion dies, and Taylor is a power tinker that manifests as Pokemon. None. None.
Sansa Magica Game of Thrones, Madoka Magica Her father's gods have a messenger that goes by the name of Kyubey. Sansa Stark becomes a magical girl and will change the world. Canon Level Violence. None.
Shadow of Alchemy FullMetal Alchemist, Shadow of Destiny When resurrecting their mother, the Elric Brothers manage to summon Homunculus. None. None.
Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky Dresden Files, Thor Harry becomes the Knight of Mischief Eventual discussions of Genocide. None.
Takes All Kinds Highlander, Thor Connor and Heather find a blue baby to rear as their own. None. None.
They Had Crossbows Anita Blake, BtVS Post-Graduation, the miniature Scoobies find themselves stuck in the Anita Verse. Anya knew it was a bad idea to cause an explosion on an unstable portal. Series level Violence. None.
To The Emerald City Thor, Misc. Mythology The Jade Emperor decides he could use a God of Magic and Magistrate of Mischief. Loki/Monkey King. Porn. Semi-Bestiality. None.
You've Got Male Avengers, Ranma 1/2 Loki sends off for a Mail Order Bride. He gets Ranko Ranma Saotome. None. None.


Coal? That's a Myth BtVS, Dresden Files YAHF. The students and faculty of Sunnydale High decide on a theme and a champion. Giles becomes the Winter King. None. None
Four Letter Words Naruto, Misc. Folklore What would happen if after the Mizuki fight Iruka was gravely injured and Naruto didn't return to the village. A single choice changes the fate of the entire Narutoverse! Violence. Suggestive Themes. None.
Time of the Senshi Sailor Moon, WoT A few of the Senshi find themselves lost, and separated in Randland. None. None.
Two Crazy People in a Book WoT Two OC channeler insane asylum escapee's find themselves in Randland. None. None.

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