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Serpentine 15/65

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Serpentine: Chapter Fifteen

The first bit of the chapter is an advertisement for 5.11 boots as Anita laments like a high-school girl that she and her bodyguards are all wearing the same type of shoe. Literally:

“It didn't look very bodyguard professional, but honestly what bothered me most was that I was wearing almost the same outfit, except I was wearing a plain black tank top over blue jean shorts with a black boyfriend-style black shirt over the tank. I was even wearing my own 5.11 boots, the pair with the side zippers, perfect for going through the airport. If I'd seen their clothes first, I might have changed, or made them change.” (p.129)

After Anita and her Stable of Dicks double check that none of the bodyguards they bring to Florida are ones that they've fucked -it's supposed to be a couples trip and not a bodyguards-with-benefits trip- we spend the rest of the chapter reading about Anita's fear of flying. Also, claustrophobia. The island that the wedding is taking place on is too small to sport a major airport so they have to take one of those small airplanes that only has three seats per row: one of one side of the aisle and two on the other.

Anita freaks out and gets all grabby with Micah during a spot of turbulence. She gets even more freaked out when the pilot hits the breaks because it is a short runway. Bram guesses the guy is ex-Navy, which leads to a round of stroking Anita's ego because if it was really, really important she'd be even tougher than Mr. T of A-Team fame and ride a fighter onto a carrier sans drugs. Everyone agrees and sings her praises, because Anita is so selfless and so amazing. Barf.

As they exit the plane Anita's paranoia acts up and she starts worrying about how due to the narrowness of the aisle and the excessive breadth of Nicky and Bram's shoulders they can't send Rodina and Ru forward as human shields against the imaginary enemies.

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