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Serpentine 14/65
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*Note*- This chapter isn't quite up to par as it was both boring and offensive and reading Serpentine firsthand is an exercise in soul killing. Had another relative die, so I'm going to post this as well as Chapter 15 and then take book back to the library. I'll get around to finishing this review series, eventually, but I have no idea when and I don't want re-check it ad infinitum.

Serpentine: Chapter Fourteen

Anita and Co. leave Melanie with Anita unhappy. Despite this being her default state, Nathaniel feels the need to ask her what's wrong. Because he is an ass. Because it never occurred to him that butting in on Micah/Anita's business and uselessly letting himself get groped by someone who tried to murder his supposedly significant other would make said significant other feel bad. Rodina of all people points this out, points out that it couldn't have been betrayal on Nathaniel's part if he didn't know, and then gets her logic ignored because how DARE a WOMAN talk about ANITA'S FEELINGS. ANITA IS ONE OF THE GUYS!




Bram, being the sensible bodyguard who isn't fucking the client, suggests they take the talk somewhere that isn't in the middle of the public thoroughfare. Unfortunately, this is the transition is done by yet another description of bodyguards I will not be remembering. What I will remember is the line about how the male can rip off people's heads and 'shit down the hole'. What? I mean, I get it, I do, but this does not sound like something Anita would say. It reads more like she's quoting someone.

On the way downstairs Anita collects YET ANOTHER code name: Gatita negra.

Claudia and Pride (who?) show up, meaning our traveling caravan through the Circus Underground totals to nine. Anita then gets a bug up her ass like Micah had done earlier about the definition of client. I want to slap her. Unless Hamilton had some serious power exchanges going on between books she never bothered to tell the readers about -very possible- the rats do not work for Jean-Claude. He is not their “boss”. The rats work for the Rodere, which is run by Rafael, who contracts out his members to Jean-Claude for security purposes.

Claudia is a Contract Worker. The Circus is her Client. This is backed up when she comments on how they have too many hires, and she doesn't have the authority to stop the influx while Jean-Claude couldn't care less so long as they have the money to pay the people. Who does Jean-Claude's books? Petyr fucking Baelish?

You know? I don't care. This chapter is just one long winded dumpster fire of shit I didn't need to know and shit I didn't want to know. Points of Interest:

A)Since the last book Jean-Claude's incubus powers have gotten a boost, to the point that both Claudia and Pride are concerned his allure might effect their judgement with him.

B)Anita is a hypocritical dumbass, “I don't want people attracted to me by magic, that's just creepy.” (p.125)

C)Nathaniel believes the ONLY reason two people sleep in the same bed is before and/or after sex. (p.127) I shudder at what he assumes goes on between visiting relatives during the holidays... oh wait, he doesn't have any! Thank god. This is backed up at the end of the chapter when he informs Micah and Anita, both exhausted, that he'll only let them sleep NOW is if he gets wake up sex LATER. Keep in mind they've already had kinky tub sex tonight.

I hated this chapter. It sucked.

Serpentine 14